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Transformation Begins with Relationships

MFNN builds mutual trust and respect among faith leaders through civic engagement, authentic relationships, and honest dialogue leading to resilient, compassionate, and flourishing communities.

Founded by Pastor Bob Roberts Jr., Imam Mohamed Magid & Rabbi David Saperstein, MFNN coordinates grassroots movements with religious leaders across various faith traditions, while never sacrificing each faith tradition's unique theological identity. Working cooperatively, even in the midst of often irreconcilable theological differences, faith leaders mobilize their congregations to serve their communities in order to model the kind of society that all of us are trying to build – one where community, cooperation, and the common good are lived out.

Our Mission

Our Beliefs

  • MFNN believes that equipping faith leaders to engage with leaders of other faiths can help build resilient communities.

  • MFNN believes that when Pastors, Imams, Rabbis, and other religious leaders come together to build relationships and learn from each other, they become models for their own faith communities. By way of example, they remove fear and increase understanding within their own faith communities.

  • MFNN believes that multi-faith relationships allow everyone to hold onto their own beliefs while still building deep bonds with other faiths and serving their city together. Faith leaders can be a powerful, moral voice in society. Working cooperatively, they can model the very kind of society and world that all of us are trying to build – one where community, cooperation, and the common good are respected.

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Our Methodology

MFNN develops grassroots movements built on mutual trust and respect among individual faith leaders, their families, their congregations, and their broader communities. The Multi-Faith Neighbors Network initiative begins at the local level, in carefully targeted cities and towns across the United States and the World, based on polling data and the willingness of faith leaders and congregations to participate in this initiative.

We work with faith leaders to mobilize their congregations to use their vocation to serve others. Whether it is in their city or around the world, people of faith should be peacemakers by doing humanitarian projects together.

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United States Work

We are currently working in fourteen U.S. cities and have a goal of reaching fifty cities by 2025. Our hope is to foster relationships between faith groups that are suspicious and even antagonistic to each other and then engage them in building neighborhoods and cities that are more interconnected and resilient to hate and violence.

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International Work

Because we believe religious freedom is vital, we are working across multiple countries and their governments to expand MFNN internationally. An attack on one faith is an attack on us all. We work in a number of countries to advance this multi-faith commitment, leading to resilient faith communities in the public square, and then work with governments and clerics to ensure access to practice all faiths without interference.

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