“Multi-faith” is collaborative engagement across various faith traditions, not sacrificing our theological nor ideological identity. We acknowledge that – even in the midst of our significant differences–we share a common humanity, and the best of our faiths teaches us to value every person and to work together for the good of our communities.

Why Be Involved?

It’s a lot of work; you already are overloaded, and don’t have the time. Why should you add another project to your plate and get involved in multi-faith work? Simple – it’s worth it. Multi-faith work can transform you, your congregation, our cities, and our world.

  • Be an Ambassador

    Imams will be seen as Muslim Ambassadors to people of other faiths. The imam’s ideas, thoughts, viewpoints, beliefs, and words will serve as an agent through which others will view Islam.

  • Community Projects

    Imams physically participating in community development projects such as serving food to the needy or holding seminars on domestic violence, are in line with the Quranic and Prophetic teachings of being responsible community faith leaders.

  • Stronger Presence in Society

    As respected leaders of their communities, Imams along with Pastors and Rabbis collectively will have a stronger presence when addressing social and economical issues which need to be addressed to elected officials and local city leaders.

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Quran Support

  • “Cooperate with others in righteousness and piety and do not cooperate in sin and aggression.” (5:2)
  • “Only discuss religion with the people of the book with the best manners unless they are oppressors. Tell them, “We believe in the revelation sent down to us as well as what was revealed to you. Our God and yours is One and the same and to Him, we submit.” (29:46)
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Imam John Ederer

Hear from a fellow Imam

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An Islamic Theology of Multi-Faith

By Imam Mohamed Magid & Hurunnessa Fariad

Engaging in multi-faith efforts has always been an integral part of Islam. Prophet Mohammed (saaw) was no stranger when it came to living, working, dealing, and interacting with people of other faith groups.

Download this e-book written by our own Imam Mohamed Magid & Hurunnessa Fariad.

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Global Impact

Discover the impact of multi-faith relationships on the global stage.

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Multi-Faith vs Interfaith

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Next Steps for Imams

  • How to get involved

    We would love for you to take the next step in getting connected with the Multi-Faith Neighbors Network. Here are three ways that you can get involved:

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    2. Get introduced to your local area triad
    3. Conversation with a regional or city leader for next steps
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