The MFNN chapter in the Washington DC Metro area – All Dulles Area Muslim Society (ADAMS) and Northern Virginia Hebrew Congregation (NVHC) Synagogue in Reston, VA, – has had a partnership for 27 years for the common good of the community.

During this recent time of tension in the world between the religions, Imam Mohamed Magid and Rabbi Michael Holzman addressed the long standing partnership and friendship of both congregations. They addressed congregation together about working together in peace and harmony, and our collective pursuit for peace and the protection of innocent civilians in the Holy Land. The Islamic Qur’an and Jewish Talmud both emphasize that taking a single life is akin to killing the entire world, while saving a single life is like saving all of humanity. Imam Magid and Rabbi Holzman explained about the meeting they had on Wed Oct 11th, 2023 and the letter that Rabbi Holzman sent to Imam Magid. (Click for Read Letter)

ADAMS has a long standing partnership with the Northern Virginia Hebrew Congregation (NVHC) since the mid-1990s. They have engaged in multi-faith dialogue, educational sessions, community service, civic engagement, and more. In addition, ADAMS Satellite Friday/Ramadan/Eid prayers have been hosted at NVHC since 2008, as well. This is one the most amazing partnerships in the Nation and an example that has been highlighted in the USA and around the World





Here are some of the news segments from the past on ADAMS and NVHC multi-faith partnership and the good work that has been done in the community based on this relationship.