When pastors, imams, rabbis, and other clerics and religious leaders come together to learn from each other, they become models for their own faith communities.

Board of Directors

  • Bob Roberts Jr. (Chair)
  • Imam Mohamed Magid (Vice-Chair)
  • Dr. Chris King (Treasurer)
  • Ambassador David Saperstein (Board Member)
  • Shaista Mahmood (Board Member)
  • Tarek El-Messidi (Board Member)
  • Ambassador Doug Holladay (Board Member)

Executive Committee

  • Imam Didmar Faja (Phoenix)
  • Pastor Josh Prather (Phoenix)
  • Rabbi Jeremy Schneider (Phoenix)
  • Sister Azra Hussain (Phoenix)
  • Pastor Kim Gladden (Indianapolis)
  • Pastor Steve Bezner (Houston)
  • Rabbi Eli Freedman (Philadelphia)
  • Imam Mohamed Almasmari (Detroit)
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