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MFNN is intentionally multi-faith and provides a platform for people to connect with one another by building empathy.

We believe that only then can one begin to relate to others who think differently and find common ground. MFNN respects the fact that different religions have exclusivist beliefs about spiritual realities. We are not interested in anyone abandoning their faith convictions. Instead, MFNN respectfully acknowledges differences in theology, ultimately enabling people from various religions to work together.

Recent Retreat


  1. Group Lecture

    We have created the MFNN Retreat, a multi-faith experience to begin relationships. The context of the retreat involves attending three large group lectures, then breaking into triads to discuss what it looks like to integrate multi-faith in everyday life.

  2. Group Conversations

    After the small groups, a larger group conversation is facilitated around the idea of questions you’ve always wanted to ask, but have been too afraid to.

    The retreat involves plenty of time to congregate, engage in informal conversations, and enjoy each other’s company. These experiences hopefully lead to establishing  strong relationships that continue in the cities in which retreat goers reside.

  3. Five Commitments

    After the retreat is completed, we ask the clerics to agree to our five commitments.

    1. Sharing a Meal
    2. Socializing as a Multi-Faith Community
    3. Partnering in Community Projects Together for Civic Engagement
    4. Standing Up for Each Other During a Crisis
    5. Recruiting Additional Clerics to Join in this Commitment

    These five commitments are to be lived out over an eighteen-month period. While the formal commitment ends after eighteen months, our experience has been that the relationships formed continue on for extended periods of time, leading to our goal of building resilient communities in the public square.

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Local vs. Global

We live in a world that is increasingly connected, and our work cannot be exclusively focused on what we accomplish locally nor what is happening globally. Instead, we want to be glocal leaders - those who recognize that our efforts at home have a significant impact on what happens around the world, and what happens around the world impacts our lives and communities at home.

The Story of How Pastor Bob Met Imam Magid

How a Pastor and an Imam Want To Change the World Together

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Connect With Us

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