“Multi-faith” is collaborative engagement across various faith traditions, not sacrificing our theological or ideological identity, but rather acknowledging that – even in the midst of our significant differences – we share a common humanity and the best of our faiths teaches us to value every person and to work together for the good of our communities.

Why Be Involved?

When multi-faith leaders serve together, not only are needs met but friendships are made. Working together in the public square helps to build resilient communities of mutual trust and respect among faith leaders through civic engagement, authentic relationships, and honest dialogue.

  • Better Understanding of the World

    Gain a better understanding of the beliefs and cultural life from experiencing the traditions of others. This gives a better understanding of different viewpoints and might adjust how to communicate with others.

  • Every Religion is a Minority Somewhere

    How the majority treats minority faiths in the U.S. makes a massive impact on how minority faiths are treated worldwide by the majority. As the U.S. becomes more secular, different religions need to work together for religious freedom.

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Global Impact

Discover the impact of multi-faith relationships on the global stage.

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