# OF PASTORS, IMAMS, AND RABBIS 9 US Cities of Churchs, Mosques and Synagouges

In an effort to unite citizens around love and serving those in need, the MFNN Day of Service brought people of multiple faith backgrounds together to provide goods for Afghan refugees who have recently arrived to the US.

The goal is for the community to collaborate together demonstrating how we can unite, in spite of our differences, to build resilient and flourishing communities for the common good.

Multi-Faith Neighbors Network’s co-founders, Imam Mohamed Magid, Rabbi David Saperstein and Pastor Roberts, have asked mosques in the network’s partner cities to serve as collecting points. MFNN synagogues, churches and mosques in those same cites, will bring packed boxes to the mosque collection site. Supply boxes will be male, female and child-specific and will include a variety of personal items.


Screen Shot 2021-09-06 at 9.45.41 PM.png


Evangelical churches, mosques and synagogues within the Dallas/Ft. Worth, Detroit, Austin, Houston, Miami, Nashville, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Washington D.C. areas will all be preparing and dropping off supplies at local that will later be delivered to refugees sheltering in the U.S.

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