Micah Fries

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Micah has served over 21 years in Christian ministry including 14 years as a Senior Pastor in Tennessee & Missouri. He also held roles as a Director of Ministry Development at LifeWay Christian Resources and has lived and worked as a Christian minister in Burkina Faso, West Africa. Micah is a fantastic communicator being a frequent guest speaker at churches and conferences and an author of several books including Islam & North America: Loving our Muslim Neighbors, Leveling the Church, and others. He has also participated with Multi-Faith Neighbors Network as a pastor and participant in programs in Chattanooga, TN and Morocco.

‚ÄčAs Director of Programs, Micah is responsible for planning and execution of all programs for Multi-Faith Neighbors Network. He works with the team to ensure all Multi-faith Neighbors Network programming aligns with the vision and mission and sees that these are done with excellence.

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