MFNN is intentionally multi-faith and provides a platform for people to connect with one another by building empathy.

We believe that only then can one begin to relate to others who think differently and find common ground. MFNN respects the fact that different religions have exclusivist beliefs about spiritual realities. We are not interested in anyone abandoning their faith convictions. Instead, MFNN respectfully acknowledges differences in theology, ultimately enabling people from various religions to work together.

There are many incredible examples of multi-faith events throughout the nation and we wanted to highlight several of them.

Our Houston triad hosted the first-ever Fields of Faith multi-faith kickball tournament at Houston Northwest Church. Christians, Muslims, and Jews laughing and competing in good fun.

In Washington DC, our triad was honored to participate in an Iftar dinner in DC that included the Second Gentleman and IRF Ambassador. Our own Imam Magid spoke along with Hurunnessa Fariad presenting & leading a performance of ADAMS youth choir.

In Dallas, Houston and Pittsburgh, our triads participated in various iftars together celebrating and eating with one another.