Pittsburgh Congregations Meet to Cook Meals for Afghan Refugee Families

Partnering together for the common good in our communities!

In October 2021, JCC Pittsburgh, Calvary Church, Islamic Center of Pittsburgh, New Culture Church and JFCS came together to host a cooking experience for volunteers to learn to make Afghan vegetarian dishes from two local Afghan women that can be frozen for new refugee arrivals.

25 Muslims, Jews and Evangelical Christians met and cooked welcoming meals to prepare for the arrival of 15 new families.

They gathered to learn how to cook a few vegetarian dishes of Afghan cuisine from Afghan Pittsburgh neighbors who are caterers, cook those dishes with Muslim, Jewish and Evangelical neighbors, break bread with each other, share blessings and get to know each other.  They will freeze most of the food they prepare for the soon to arrive new Afghan neighbors so that they can have a taste of home in their first weeks in Pittsburgh.  The refugee resettlement agency JFCS will distribute the food.

What an amazing story of coming together regardless of faith background and providing needs for a resilient and flourishing community!