Hurunnessa Fariad

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Hurunnessa has overseen the Multifaith efforts at the ADAMS Center and is an active member of D.C. Muslim Jewish Advisory Council and Peace Catalyst International. Ms. Fariad serves as the Secretary of the Board of Directors at Virginia Interfaith Center for Public Policy, Leadership Circle Advisor for the One America Movement, Muslim Member for Fairfax County’s Interfaith & Equity Committee, Muslim Member of The Fairfax County Public School Religious Observances Task Force and member of the TSA Multicultural Coalition. Ms. Fariad is the founder and Music Director of America’s first Mosque Youth Choir, The ADAMS BEAT, which is actively involved in multifaith and advocacy work. ​

As Director of Outreach, she is responsible for building relationships outside of the organization to more effectively reach the goals of MFNN. This also includes working with clerics in their cities to better equip them to lead in their city and communicate with local partners and helping mobilize women in our programs.

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