# OF PASTORS, IMAMS, AND RABBIS 155 Male, Female and Child-specific Boxes

In an effort to unite citizens around love and serving those in need, the MFNN Arizona Day of Service brought people of multiple faith backgrounds together to provide goods for Afghan refugees who have recently arrived in Arizona. The goal was for the community to collaborate together demonstrating how we can unite, in spite of our differences, to build resilient and flourishing communities for the common good. Multi-Faith Neighbors Network’s Arizona Leadership Triad worked to collect the needed items. Supply boxes included male, female and child-specific boxes and include a variety of personal items.


MFNN Arizona partnered with Evangelical churches, mosques and synagogues within the Dallas/Ft. Worth, Detroit, Austin, Houston, Miami, Nashville, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Washington D.C. areas to prepare and drop off supplies that will later be delivered to refugees sheltering in the U.S.